It’s a breeze to get started. From the admin portal, you can have a form up and running in just a few minutes. You’ll design your forms, develop review materials, and oversee all submissions and reviews from there. The whole process is easy: it’s just a matter of build, submit, and review.


You have complete flexibility on what you create.

Step 1 is to build a form. Administrators log in and can immediately begin designing their submission projects. With drag-and-drop capabilities, you choose the type of question or feature you need on your form and move it to your working palette. Click a few boxes and your form is set to live and ready to use. It only takes a matter of minutes.

Features for Admins:

  • Comprehensive, intuitively designed management tool
  • Everything web-based for flexible access
  • Submitter/applicant profile self-management
  • Full review and submission controls for staff to help in trouble-shooting
  • Programmable emails; mass email capabilities
  • Dynamic forms creation with all question types
  • Flexible control of instructional text on all pages with WYSIWYG editor
  • Role assignment capabilities


The tool is very intuitive for users. You won’t get many calls for help.

Invite your users to come on in! On their first visit to SubmitterXpress, they will create a profile that “sticks” with their submissions throughout the process. Alerts and communications can be sent to them as reminders to complete the submission or to verify you’ve received their forms. You can customize the communication messages in the toolset.

The forms you build are very intuitive. Most people will have no problem understanding and navigating through the submission process. If they start and are called away, they can save their work and come back later.

Features for Submitters

  • An easy web-based submission process
  • Marriage of the submission form with the submitter – so it’s always accessible and associated with their profile.
  • Ability to save work and return later to complete a form
  • Submission printing available
  • Simple document upload process
  • Single sign-on with your AMS system (PRO Version)


You can automatically keep reviewers on task.

You may have reviewers for certain projects like calls for proposals or scholarship awards. You can assign tasks to individuals, then use the built-in communications tools to tell them when a form is ready for their review or to give them updates on deadlines. The review feature makes assessment easy–the original submission is displayed side-by-side with the reviewer’s form.

Features for Reviewers

  • Web-based reviews and grading
  • Side-by-side review of submission with grading form
  • Automatic tally of scores
  • Ability to print and review submission offline
  • Automatic notification via email of submission ready for review
  • Blinded review process available if desired