Step 1 is to build a form. Administrators log in and can immediately begin designing their submission projects. With drag-and-drop capabilities, you choose the type of question or feature you need on your form and move it to your working


Once you’ve built it, they can come. Your users start by creating a short profile, and then they move on and begin their online submission. The forms you build are very intuitive. Most people will have no problem understanding and


For some projects, you might have reviewers who grade or approve submissions. A robust toolset is built in to SubmitterXpress for this purpose. You can assign tasks to individuals, then use the built-in communications tools to tell them when a

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It's a breeze to get started. From the admin portal, you can have a form up and running in just a few minutes. You'll design your forms, develop review materials, and oversee all submissions and reviews from there. The whole process is easy: it's just a matter of build, submit, and review....

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Our continuing education approval process is used nationwide and by hundreds of people. We needed something easy to manage because of our volume of work, but easy and intuitive for users. This is it!

Ohio Nurses Association by Shannon Mattern

If you want a strategic partner that meets deadlines and tells you the truth. . .call enSYNC.

The Church Network by Phill Martin, CAE
How Can You Use SubmitterXpress?

How Can You Use SubmitterXpress?

How can you use SubmitterXpress? If you have a form for it, you can build it in SubmitterXpress. So the better question is, "what can't you build in SubmitterXpress." It's designed to be as flexible as Gumby and as powerful as Mighty Mouse (with a little Scooby-Doo charm mixed in)....

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